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Monday, January 31, 2011

Modern Gamedev Bingo

(Thanks Christina)


Feferuco said...

"Is an FPS" is supposed to be a negative thing? Are all things in there supposed to be negative?

Pedro Luchini said...

They're not necessarily "negative," but they're all things we've seen a million times. The more a game borrows from this table, the more it can be tagged as derivative and uninspired.

Feferuco said...

I dunno, that table is extremely broad. Being an FPS doesn't means the game is derivative or uninspired.

Not to mention that being derivative and uninspired isn't exactly a new thing in games.

If anything, I'd say that games of today are way more original than they were years ago.

Anonymous said...

>Are all things in there supposed to be negative?

I believe some "indie" game developers think so. I'm surprised there is no cell "more than 60 minutes gameplay".

Big McLargeHuge said...

Where's "trailer made by Blur"?