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Monday, May 26, 2008

Here an example how to create realtimeshadows

For the next release you could add a realtime shadow by simple adding a lightsource.
If you want to know how to do this please call me.



It's a bit more complicated than that. We want to do it for 2.0 release, but that's not 100% certain. Currently you can do shadows using a blob-shadow, or bake your shadows into a texture...

Thanks for the offer of assistance in any case.

Customer again:
Here an example how to create realtimeshadows:

if (ray.isfirsttime)

I hope somebody in your team knows what I mean with this. If not then you can contact me at the telephone number below.

I hope this will help you to create realtimeshadows. (I would like to use them)


(Thanks to Aras)


Eric said...

Hey repi, since it looks like you're blogging more on that blog than on repilog, I'll ask my little question here.
What does contain the BFBC gold edition ? I mean I know there's 5 in games weapons and another DVD with some extra content like artworks and making off, but when you look the back of the box on gamestop you see there's written "and a lot more, poster etc..." Is there really a poster in ? What's this "a lot more" ? :p Is there a smiley (like the grenade's one ) keychain ?
Thanks for your answer :)
(I ask here because we can't get an answer on the official forum -_-)
PS: And if you can tell me if we (europe) we'll be able to access to the early demo, (actually there's no shop doing this promotion) that would be nice of you :)

See ya !

repi said...

To be honest, I don't know either :)

The official forums is probably still your bet. And keep checking for new blog posts at badcompany.ea.com (love the URL!).

-- repi

Anonymous said...

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