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Saturday, July 4, 2009

For those times when (int)(v + 0.5f) just isn't enough

inline int MyMath::floatToIntRounded(hkReal value)
const hkReal lowerWhole = floor(value);
const hkReal upperWhole = ceil(value);

if((value - lowerWhole) < (upperWhole - value))
return floatToInt(lowerWhole + MY_EPSILON);
return floatToInt(upperWhole + MY_EPSILON);

(Thanks Dan)


Nissassa said...

Oh my goodness.

Fabrice said...

Indeed, "(int)(value + 0.5f)" is not enough, because it doesn't round negative numbers properly. The "floatToIntRounded" function is overcomplicated, but it works (if you drop the MY_EPSILON, I don't know what this one is for) :)

Anyway, the proper way of doing it is "(int) floor(value + 0.5f)" for a round towards zero (the usual way), or this for rounding away from zero: "(value > 0.0) ? floor(value + 0.5) : ceil(value - 0.5)"