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Thursday, February 21, 2008

In search of tangent space basis

Error building vertex shader "ShaderCache/SrpXenon/VertexShaders/1104/6D497FE9-57EB-3786-AF3A-9A22702B96EA" using surface shader "Objects/Undergrowth/Shaders/MP_Harbor_Destruction" because of: Couldn't find vertex element "tangent" (available: pos, normal, texCoord0, index, worldTrans1, worldTrans2, worldTrans3) when building for surface shader "Objects/Undergrowth/Shaders/MP_Harbor_Destruction", vertex shader fragment "Systems/Undergrowth/Wind" and geometry declaration "Objects/Undergrowth/MudClump_01_Mesh_lod0/Stones_small_01:polySurface15_DUP_Stones_small_01:TnTShader1/StreamInstancingHalf". Caused by a mismatch of vertex elements between the state and the surface shader or vertex shader fragment (names are case sensitive).

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