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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

why you should never port other people's games

Exhibit 1:

if (!ShouldTaunt())

Exhibit 2:



Exhibit 3:
(I can not even begin to guess wtf our draw scale is going to be set to)


Exhibit 4:
(for this code the comment says it all)

// hack of the month : set bCheckSoundOcclusion if I am a guest,
// which will remove the controller from the list in the end in native code:
// (the reason, by the way, is that I do not want to have to
// rebuild EngineClasses.h, and the SeamlessTravel is hacked up
// anyways :-P )

Exhibit 5:

EngineSound.PitchMultiplier = FClamp(((VSize(Velocity) - 150)/600) + 0.9, 0.9, 1.4);
EngineSound.PitchMultiplier = Lerp(1.4, 0.9, FClamp(((VSize(Velocity)- 150)/600)/0.5 , 0, 1));

(Thanks to Anon)

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