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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Efficient spawn table creation using STL

std::vector<vector3> spawn_table;

for( int i=0; i<level.getSpawnCount(); ++i )
spawn_table.push_back( *( new vector3() ) );

spawn_table.back() = level.getSpawn( i );

(Thanks Julien)


NeARAZ said...

Also quite efficient at leaking memory!

repi said...

What are you saying? Isn't process memory an infinite resource?!

h3r3tic said...

*Jedi mind trick* The garbage collector will handle that.

NeARAZ said...

@repi: they said a Turing machine has infinite memory!

kotowate said...

Oh, I know that, used many times. Memory shredding algorithm. Shreds memory and leaves holes.